Long Legs


50 HP

Form of attack

Melee and ranged


Fires a stream of projectiles for 6 seconds

Threat level (alone)


Threat level (in swarms)

Very high

The Stiltman is often considered the toughest normal enemy in the game. He has 50 health points, thin legs that are difficult to hit, and a projectile attack that is difficult to avoid.

Stiltmen can be dealt with frequently by running in circles around it, as this will safely put the player out of the reach of its beam-like attack. The player can also go under the beam if it is fired relatively far away. The player can choose to jump over its attacks, although Stiltmen can aim upwards as well.

The Sword of Fortune is likely the most effective way of dealing with Stiltmen because they are relatively static and are thus easy to hit with the Sword. Typically, it will take only three or four Sword hits to defeat a Stiltman.