30 HP

Form of attack

Melee only


Leaves a trail voxel slime on it's path

Threat level (alone)

Very low

Threat level (in swarms)


The Snail has a hefty 30 points of health. In spite of that number, this enemy is relatively harmless.

It moves slowly towards the player, leaving a trail of slime behind. The player can outrun the Snail with relative ease, and damaging the Snail causes it to stop in its tracks.

While the Snail is an easy enemy to dispatch, the slime it leaves behind acts as a platform and can be used to the player's advantage. Multiple layers of the slime will allow the player to reach platforms normally too high to reach by jumping.

If there is no high platform around, the slime can get in the way of the player by impeding movement or acting as a barrier, blocking the player's bullets.