Lexaloffle's logo as it appears in-game

Lexaloffle Games is the developer of Voxatron. Founded by Joseph White, Lexaloffle Games seeks to explore old concepts in new situations.

Lexaloffle is made up of:

  • Joseph White (also known as "zep"), the main developer of Voxatron and the other games that Lexaloffle has developed.
  • John White (also known as "mogstar"), a map designer and pixel artist for Jasper, another Lexaloffle project.
  • Tomas Pettersson (also known as "DrPetter"), sound effects creator for Jasper. He is, according to zep, an "all-around hacker extraordinare".
  • Anthony Fleck (of Squashy Software), a mentor to zep.
  • Vincenzo, who has composed numerous musical pieces used in Lexaloffle projects.

Numerous other people are apparently involved, including designers working on Voxatron's formal Adventure Mode.

Partners include PikPok, developers of an iOS version of Zen Puzzle Gardens, BMT Micro, BitRabbit and Candy Cane.

What is a lexaloffle?Edit


A lexaloffle.

A lexaloffle is a geometric creature that can fold up neatly into the union of two hexagons. It prefers to live in complex geometric spaces and eats polynomials for breakfast.