Do not be deceived by how peaceful your journey in the world of Voxatron starts out. You will soon discover that the hideous, cubical denizens of Voxatron lurk behind every tree and loiter around every ancient ruin.

To locate and destroy these creatures, you can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move, the Z or C keys to jump, and the X and V keys to attack. If you do not fancy these controls, you can change them yourself in the Options menu. You start with a basic weapon, the Pea Gun. It's a simple, fast-firing weapon that pelts enemies with bullets. It's not the best weapon, but will prove to be worthy. You will surely come across power-ups to increase your powers.

Each level contains monsters to kill and/or puzzles to solve. When a monster runs into you or shoots you with a projectile, you will lose health. If the health bar is drained, you will die and explode in a deadly shower of color. However, you should not despair. Many levels contain health kits to replenish your health and you can always restart the room in Adventure Mode. Defeating enemies will earn you points, as will many of the items that you will find.


First Time Guide
The heads-up display (HUD) is located at the top of the screen and provides information about your status and score.

A. Current score. Try to get it as high as possible and see if you can beat other people. Increased by defeating enemies and collecting items.

B. Current weapon. A Pea Gun is your weapon initially, but power-ups can grant you more powerful weapons albeit with a limited number of bullets.

C. Health. Your character starts off with 4 hearts that decrease when you take damage (from touching an enemy, being shot, or falling in lava) and increase if pick up health packs.

D. The high-score of the level you are on.

E. Score multiplier. Items you pick up give you additional points according to the multiplier. E.g. Sushi (100 points) with 2x Multiplier = 200 points

F. Player character. Try to keep him from exploding. He doesn't like that very much.