25 HP

Form of attack

Melee only


Can destroy voxels

Threat level (alone)


Threat level (in swarms)


The Butamon (also called Basher) is a strong enemy. It has a lot of health and deals powerful blows capable of punching giant holes in walls.

The Butamon's slam comes a moment before the actual punch. During this delay, the Butamon will not turn or move, and cannot be interrupted. This leaves an opening for the player to dodge the attack and launch a counterattack.

The Butamon also uses its slam to punch through obstacles. If a Butamon walks into an object, it will take a moment to crush it. The player can use this to his advantage by leading a Butamon into it.

The Butamon has a whopping 25 health, making it a difficult enemy to tke down. It walks slowly and is easily evaded, but its large size allows it to more effectively corner the player. It is generally a wise idea for the player to take them down from a distance.