8 HP

Form of attack

Melee and ranged


  • Projectiles spread
  • Avoids player's projectiles

Threat level (alone)


Threat level (in swarms)

Very high

The Alien appears to be weak with only 8 health points, but its projectiles are difficult to dodge and it is capable of avoiding the player's bullets.

Anticipating where it is going to move to when evading is key to defeating it. The player can taunt the Alien into moving by firing a shot at it, and adjust the direction of attack to the Alien's new location once it starts moving. It is important to properly maintain space between the player and the Alien, as its projectile spreads out over a distance, and can be hard to dodge at close range because of its size.

A Sword is effective in dealing with this enemy because it is capable of quickly dispatching them as well as reflecting their shots.